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21st April 2020

In recent we've been focusing a lot of our energy, here at Centre Court, at aiding the community in any way we can. We started 'The Little Community That Could' to provide daily fresh parcels to the most vulnerable people in our community and it's still going strong having helped hundreds of local customers! 

Now our little community is evolving to support even more people in these unprecedented times and so we've started 'The Little Community That Creates'. 

To all those that have a talent that isn't being shared, to local singers who's voices aren't being heard, to artist that just want to share their vision - we are here for you too! 

Doesn't matter what your creative outsource is, we want to share it! Whether it's a new hobby, something that you've revisited recently or a talent that earns you a living - send us your links/videos/pictures and we will send them out into the world and hopefully make a few people smile in the process. 

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Let's help support the arts in our community and get some colour back out there!